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Health Information Exchange Solutions for Patient-Centered Care

PatientCentral Technologies, Inc. (PCT) produces a series of products and services designed to enhance health care safety, efficiency and effectiveness through modular software platforms which enable real-time communication about patients, health care personnel, equipment and patient care processes. The full range of PCT’s technologies is designed to intelligently build an integrated infrastructure; however, each technology product is designed as a stand-alone module. Whether a fully integrated system or a standalone module, these products and services reduce healthcare costs, improve resource utilization, minimize delays caused by poor communication, and improve patient safety.

PCT’s product line includes:

MyHealthArchive Personal Health Information Management SystemMyHealthArchive™  is a highly sophisticated and dynamic electronic personal health information management system which includes a personal health record (PHR), patient education, disease prevention and health maintenance features, as well as a physician-prescribed, self-managed disease management section.

MyHealthArchive connects people with their physicians, hospitals, laboratory and other diagnostic studies, regardless of location. MyHealthArchive can be adapted to be the physician’s electronic medical record (EMR) and hospital EMR or combined with existing electronic data interface (EDI) in a health information exchange (HIE) to enable bi-directional exchange of information, Meaningful Use of HIT and compliance with CCHIT and HITSP standards.

MyHealthArchive is also used as a powerful tool to augment employee wellness and prevention efforts and can be sponsored by employers to promote a healthy workplace. Built in health calculators and risk assessment tools, in addition to communication tools to promote employee participation in workplace health initiatives can help reduce sick time and build a more productive workforce.

PatientCentral SuiteThe PatientCentral SuiteTM  is composed of PatientLocator™, ProLocator™ and AssetManager™. These are modular wireless tracking and patient/personnel/resource flow analysis systems that track and trace the movement of patients, physicians and health care providers key assets and pharmaceuticals in real-time, using radiofrequency (RFID) technology. PatientWindowTM enables bedside access to personal health information and educational materials and includes impediment tools which can enable patients to overcome disabilities with fine motor skills, hearing loss or vision deficits.

DisasterLinkDisasterLink® is a hardware and software module that creates a database to record in-real-time the course of medical care and events from a disaster scene in the field through the emergency room and hospitalization through to hospital discharge. DisasterLink improves coordination of healthcare by reducing gaps in communication between points of care, validating identification, promoting reunification with families and reconnecting disrupted families, and enabling more efficient and effective utilization and management of community resources.
PatientCentral Suite
Our products are designed to promote:  

  • Quality, safety and efficiency of health care;
  • Coordination of  health information between patients, physicians and health care provider;
  • Patient participation in their health care;
  • Improved health status of patients;
  • Privacy and security.

The select and seasoned staff of PatientCentral Technologies, Inc. has many years of experience in health care, healthcare administration, performance improvement, regulatory compliance and information technology. We recognize the value that this experience brings to our customers in helping them plan and implement a customized system which can best meet the needs of their organization and their patients. Let us help you insightfully optimize, innovate and re-energize your organization.

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